The New Standard in Computational Neuroscience

Creating the next generation of therapeutics for neurodegenerative disorders.

What we do

Neuro-X1 is a computational drug design company building a platform to better understand degenerative disorders of the brain.

We utilize data and machine learning to identify novel drivers of disease and then design molecules for those diseases in silico.

Cloud Optimized

We are a cloud based high performance computing company.  We conduct data analytics, design drugs, and screen molecules in silico.

Small Molecule Drug Design

Our proprietary platform designs small molecule therapeutics to help improve neurological functions in patients.

Two scientiest working together in one of the Neurox1 labs
new opportunities

The Computational Biology Revolution

We are seeing an inflection point in computational biology  where synergies between pharma customers and startups are fast-tracking innovations through the clinic at an unprecedented rate.

Over the last two years, we have seen over $2 billion in pharma bio bucks being spent on non-dilutive R&D capital for computational bio startups to help uncover new therapeutics - especially as their assets come off patent.


Neurodegenerative Disease by the Numbers

1 in 9
Americans aged 65 and older has Alzheimer’s dementia
+ $655B
NDD costs exceed $655B per year: late-stage patients need constant care with no positive outcome
Computational Drug Discovery has already been shown to cut NDD R&D costs in half, with further savings expected as AI and ML models are incorporated
Alzheimer’s drug candidates have a 99.6% failure rate and have yet to impact the course of the disease—uniquely primed for research disruption